Stellarator News began sometime before 1988 as "A Compendium of News, Proposals, Progress, and People in the International Stellarator Community." It was started by James Rome, and sponsored by the Fusion Energy Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). However, due to increased computer security at ORNL, beginning in May 2017, the Editor, James A. Rome has moved Stellarator News to this site, and is publishing Stellarator News independently.

It has been published electronically every other month when there are available contributions. The content is put together, vetted, and formatted by the Editor, James A. Rome, and the English, (and often the meaning) is professionally edited by Margaret B. (Bonnie) Nestor. Her incredible editing is a great reason to submit pre-publication works to Stellarator News, even if English is your native language. Rapid publication (a few weeks from the due dates for issue submission) is a hallmark of this publication.

Stellarator News accepts articles about theory, experiment, engineering, proposals, and politics of relevance to the stellarator community. Speculative works are welcomed, and the more pretty color pictures that explain the content, the better. Authors should try to make their submissions intelligible to the non-specialist. 

Stellarator News serves multiple purposes;

Primarily it serves to coordinate efforts among the worldwide stellarator researchers. It publicizes meetings such as the International Stellarator Workshops and the Coordinated Working Group Meetings, and publishes their conclusions. Unlike tokamaks (which have just a handful of adjustable design parameters), there is a wide variety of different viable stellarator concepts, and their design, construction, engineering, and performance are discussed herein with a view towards coordinating, and reducing duplication of effort.

Stellarator News informs other interested parties (other branches of fusion research, program managers, politicians) about the above efforts to showcase the strength and vibrancy of our community.

Stellarator News is published in February, April, June. August, October, and December. Submissions are due by the end of the preceding month. Please send submissions to the Editor at Be sure to include a short (few sentence) abstract for the Issues box on the front page, and provide the author's contact information.